Resem Technologies Pte Ltd is a dynamic, Hi-Tech company specializes in System Integration for all ranges of Industrial Laser Applications , Laser Evaluation and Machining Services. With over nine years of experience, we have earned the position to be one of the global leaders in the laser industries.

We are well-equipped with a comprehensive range of advanced Laser Laboratory Facilities, such as TEMoo Diode Pump Laser and High-Power Nd-YAG Laser. Our Laser Lab provides extensive on-site metallographic capability, designed primary to support integration. The lab serve to help develop new applications and to retrofits existing laser applications to user specifications for cutting, welding, drilling and marking of metals and other materials.

Resem Technologies thrives with a team of multi-discipline design and research engineers, with many years of experience in Advanced Industrial Laser Automation Technology. The emphasis on professional development and training ensures that Resem's staffs are kept abreast with state-of-the-art technologies.

Through the years, Resem Technologies has enriched its design and manufacturing know-how and provided value-added solutions to customer's requirements and satisfaction.

Today, Resem has operations in 4 countries strategically located to serve its customers; namely in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and People Republic of China.