CO2 Laser Marking System

Resem use high quality and superior CO2 lasers with good stability performance.
  - Super pulse capability (peak power about 2 times of rated      power).
  - Quality laser beam (round TEMoo mode, M=1.1)
  - Long lifetime (18 months warranty).
  - High Efficiency (20% to 25%).

CO2 Laser Stamp Creator & Engraving System

Laser stamp creators and engraving systems consist of CO2 laser, computer and software, automatic control, and precise mechanics. They are widely used in stamp creating, laser engraving, advertisement & signcrafts, electronic industries, craft & gift making.

Resistance Mirco Welding System

Wide range of resistance micro-welding systems for Enamel-Insulated wire with self-stripping capability and PCB repair application.

Overview of Laser Sources

SLS series lasers have been exclusively engineered to process materials via Fiber Optic Beam Delivery for precision welding. Average power ranging from
10 to 220 Watts.

KLS series lasers
with outstanding beam quality are idea for precision cutting, drilling and welding. Average power ranging from 15 to 250 Watts.

FLS series lasers
are flexible work-horses for multiple applications with medium or high output power and peak power for cutting, welding and deep drilling. Due to their modular design, more than 20 different laser models are available. Average power ranging from 300 to 1000 Watts.


- 5 axis Laser Processing System
- NUM CNC Controller
- 350 Watts Nd: YAG laser
- 5 kW peak power at 3 ms
- For high precision Cutting, Drilling,
  Welding and Ablation